Are you struggling with:

  • Obsessive thoughts about food, movement, and body image?
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin?
  • Feeling like you have to conform to others expectations of you?
  • Being a different version of yourself for different people?
  • Like you can’t be happy if you are less than perfect?

Often times, we may believe that if we just get our bodies to look or be a certain way that everything will work out, we will be happy,  have the "perfect" life (partner, job, house, car....) and somehow finding meaning and self-worth along the way.


Unfortunately, that's a fantasy...a social media manicured, diet-culture laden lie we've been sold, time and time again. The contentment that you think will come with fitting in or looking a certain way, can be created by developing kindness toward yourself and living authentically and within your personal core values. 


I know what it takes to undo the damage that the lies of eating disorders and diet culture has done;  convincing you that the ideal image will bring ultimate health and happiness...only to feel despair, frustration, and hopelessness.


I live and practice from an anti-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) perspective. I am anti-racist, sex-positive, fat-positive, and LGBTQ+ affirming.  As a queer woman, living in a larger body, it is important to me that folx are honored in our work together, and in our space. There is no wrong way to have a body or gender presentation. 

“Courage gives us a voice and compassion gives us an ear. Without both, there is no opportunity for empathy and connection.”

- Brené Brown


I’m here to walk along side you wherever you may find yourself.  Maybe you're exploring the idea of eating disorder recovery.  Maybe you are SO TIRED of dieting, you're curious about trying this new "anti-diet" "Health at Every Size" thing. Maybe you're questioning your sexuality.    No matter what...you don't have to be on that road alone.  I'm here to help.  

What if, we come to discover a life where you have learned more about who you are, and are moving towards being someone  who knows and is driven by their values and what they want for their future?


I know it is possible to work to silence your inner critic and come to a place where your self-worth is not governed by other people’s opinions of you. You know who you are and love yourself and the body you’re in.


I am here to help you discover that the happiness you are looking for is not in fitting into a certain size, gender presentation or a social media manicured, difficult to maintain image of perfection. True, lasting happiness, contentment, and meaning is found in authenticity and freedom.


I have experience working with a wide variety of individuals. I specialize in three main clinical areas:

  • individuals experiencing eating disorders and body image challenges

  •  high achieving, perfectionistic professionals looking to decrease stress and anxiety.

  • individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.


It's my hope that all who work with me will feel seen for who they are and will partner together to help find solutions, knowledge, skills and wisdom not yet discovered.

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Eating Disorders &
Body Image Concerns
Perfectionism &
High Stress Professionals
Identities and Exploration
Consultation & Supervision
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“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

- Brené Brown