About Erin



Do you need someone to help you go from withholding pleasure and punishing yourself in the pursuit of being the perfect person according to others, to feeling comfortable in your skin and authentically connected with others?


I’m Erin, and I get it. I know the pain of trying to be something or someone you're not. It’s not the way to the self-worth and fulfillment you’re looking for. The path to creating the life you’re dreaming of is figuring out what your values are and living from them.

My mission is to connect you with your body and yourself. I KNOW full recovery is possible. Watching you discover who you are and celebrate your growth and wins  are my favorite, "Hell yeah!" moments and a HUGE part why I’m in this.

In one of my favorite Disney songs, they sing: 

“What I love most about rivers is

You can't step in the same river twice.

The water's always changing,

Always flowing.”

SO what does this have to do with therapy? Sometimes folx get caught up in the same cycle, the same patterns that aren't working.  Maybe you've tried therapy before.  Or recovery. Maybe you think it's just "not for me". But, even if you've tried before, it's never exactly the same...because you change! Just like the river in the song...always changing, always flowing. Life changes and we change...one of the most critical things is not giving up on yourself, and I won't give up on you, either. 

Stoney River
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You are seen, safe, and secure with me as I navigate by my values – to care for you, consistently do what I say I’m going to do, listen without judgment, and always keep it real.

I believe:

  • Everyone deserves recovery

  • Change is possible, and you are worth it

  • Representation matters 

  • You are the expert in your own life

  • There is no wrong way to have a body

I have worked at many levels of mental health care—outpatient, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and Residential levels of care.  I have extensive credentials and experience and am invested in continual learning and growth to better serve you. 

Selecting a therapist may feel like a daunting task... and you may be asking what would make me the right choice for you. So, below I've listed the "nuts & bolts" of my experiences and education. 
  • Bachelor of Arts, 
    Communication Studies
    The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Master of Science in Social Work 
    Clinical Social Work
    The University of Texas at Austin

  • Graduate Certificate, 
    LGBT Health Policy & Practice 
    The George Washington University, *anticipated 2021*

Prior Therapeutic Experience
  • Visiting Therapist, Ai Pono Residential Treatment Center, Maui, Hawaii

  • Behavioral Health Counselor III—Adult IOP, Eating Recovery Center, Austin, TX.

  • Behavioral Health Counselor II—Adult PHP, Eating Recovery Center, Austin, TX

  • Adolescent IOP & PRN IOP Therapist, Seton Behavioral Health, Austin, TX.

  • Adolescent IOP Therapist, Austin Center for Psychological Care, Austin, TX.


  • Central Texas Eating Disorder Specialists
  • Association for Size Diversity & Health (ASDAH) 
  • Texas Exes Lifetime Member

  • University of Tennessee LGBTQA+ Alumni Council Board Member

My Approach


I can provide a personalized and understanding approach for my patients as I have extensive experience working with the adults and adolescents a variety of clinical settings. 

One of my favorite concepts from Kristin Neff's Self-Compassion work is "Common Humanity".  Common Humanity reminds us that it is unlikely that we are alone or unique in our suffering--that someone, somewhere, has likely felt just as we do.  Some of us has the same or similar experience but manage them in different ways. Eating Disorders, depression, and anxiety (to name a few) really like to trick folx into believing they're alone.  You are not alone.  As appropriate, I use what I've learned along my journey to help show others that there is life on the other side of these hard places. Authenticity is powerful and it heals. I believe that if I am open, honest and authentic with my clients, they will be the same with me. 


Professionally, I've worked at a nearly every level of mental health care possible.  I was invited to be a visiting therapist at Ai Pono, a residential eating disorder facility in Maui, Hawaii in the summer of 2019, after working at a local eating disorder treatment center, first with Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and then the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Prior to that, I worked at Seton Behavioral Health doing DBT programming for both teens and adults. I have an eclectic style and I am greatly influenced by the work of Brené Brown, Kristin Neff and Marsha Linehan.


I am extensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and believe that hope and healing are possible—even when it does not seem that way. In addition to my DBT training, I practice mindfulness based therapies (such as ACT—Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and blend elements of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT, Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 


Many of my clients don't realize how some of their challenges are interconnected.  My goals is to help clients understand the root of their challenges (negative thoughts, food beliefs, self-worth, etc), and the ripple effects of these into other areas of their lives.  


I specialize in working with people with Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues, folx in the LGBTQ+ community and /or those questioning or exploring Gender/Sexuality identity.  I've seen clients own their truth, their stories, and shape their lives into a life that brings peace, joy and freedom.    


With my specializations, continued education ,and expertise, I enjoy presenting on the intersection of LGBTQ+ issues and Eating Disorders, and enjoy interacting with others who are in the same space. Every one's journey is unique and I work with them to find a therapy solution that works for them.