Body Image Therapy

Do You Struggle with Your Body Image?

Helping clients come to know that they CAN find peace with and trust their bodies, is one of my main goals in life.  I truly believe this is my calling. I want to help you dispel painful beliefs and diet culture lies that impact how you view your body. 


Some might believe that they will never be successful, or that no one will love them because of their bodies. The thought that if people can fix their bodies, they can fix everything else in their lives, and it is a giant lie many of us come to believe. The diet industry is a multi-billion-dollar a year industry, built on lies...mainly that our bodies aren't ok the way they are, and that our lives will be better if we change them. I want to help clients come to know that their soul that bodies are not the problem, and there is no wrong way to have a body!

It is my hope that my clients to come to a place of self-acceptance and self-love, and I know it is not something that happens overnight. Many have been struggling with body image issues for years, so these challenges and beliefs may not immediately vanish, but with willingness, courage, and hard work, we can slowly replace old beliefs with new ones that will serve you better.




Erin K. Ebert, Psychotherapist -How I Can Help Guide You

Body Peace is possible...and you deserve it!

I provide the environment for my clients to feel safe enough be vulnerable and honest in a space free of judgement, with someone who gets it

Healing the relationship with your body can change  your life. What if you didn't have a critical thing to say every time you looked in the mirror? Or what if you could accept a compliment without feeling the need to be self deprecating? Peace with your body can change what you see, how you feel when you look in the mirror, or even how you move through your life. I know this emphatically because I have faced many of these same challenges, have walked through my own journey, and I'm ready to help you begin your own. 

If you are ready to try things a new way, make an appointment me for body image therapy or call for a phone consultation and let's get started.

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