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Eating Disorders are EXHAUSTING. Maybe you wake up each morning, committing to "recovery", yet you feel you "eating disorder brain" is thwarting you at every turn.  Maybe it was an unplanned meal out, or an upsetting text message, or maybe time got away from you and you "missed" lunch, and then, you're back in your cycle of restricting.  Or bingeing.  Or purging. Or over exercising.  Or maybe it's a combination of everything happening in your life--and your eating disorder feels like a safe, secure calm in the storm. I've spent time learning from Anita Johnston, PhD, and love her use of metaphor--often times it feels like the Eating Disorder is the log that saves us from drowning in a raging rapid--yet it is also, what can keep us from a full recovery. Your story is important.  Let's work together to see how this eating disorder has helped you survive your journey thus far--and how we can learn and develop skills so we can move away from the log and towards recovery.