Do I take Insurance?

What is a Superbill?

I am not in network with any insurance providers.  I find that I am able to provide better, more effective, client centered care when this is the case.  In my experience, reimbursement rates do not accurately reflect the education and expertise needed for the work I do.  Additionally, being an out of network provider allows for myself and the client to determine length and course of treatment, not the insurance company.  

Do I have night/weekend appointments?

Appointments are held Monday through Thursday, from 9am through 5pm.  The last appointment of the day ends at 5:50. I do not typically hold appointments on weekends.

Workshops, group sessions, training and supervision sessions do take place on Fridays and some evenings. Located out of Austin TX.

A superbill is a specific type of bill which can be provided to you as a consumer.  The next steps involve submitting this bill to your insurer for potential reimbursement for utilization of out of network benefits. I recommend individuals call their insurance company and verify out of network benefits. This link may also be helpful.

Do I offer Sliding Scale?

I do offer a limited amount of sliding scale spaces.  These are done based on availability, and are typically reserved for individuals with marginalized identities and those who may not have the financial resources to make therapy attainable. 

What is your cancellation or late policy?

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept most major credit cards, and HSA or FSA cards with visa/master card also work.  For those who do have HSA/FSA as a primary card, a secondary card is required. Payment is done online through my billing platform, and can be automated for your convenience. 

Appointments must be cancelled prior to 48 business hours before the appointment.  I try to be flexible in rescheduling appointments, to the extent that schedules allow. If appointments are cancelled with less that 48 hours notice, or a client is more than 10 minutes late, the full session fee is charged.  10 minutes is the specific window, as that is the most amount of time that allows for a full session without disrupting any subsequent sessions.