LGBT Therapist

Looking for LGBT Specific Therapy?

Sometimes seeking therapy as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is difficult.  I am a safe, non-judgemental, skilled clinician who is more than just "aware" of LGBTQ+ issues. I get it, because  I'm part of the community, and I know the unique challenges that can face our community--especially in Texas.  You are not alone, I see you, and you don't have to hide in session with me.  There's no need for any more mental exhaustion, no more hiding behind a facade and depriving yourself of anything that brings you joy.

It is important to be to serve my community and provide an environment where you can fully open up about the challenges you are facing. Because of this, I do additional training and education in this area, and am earning a Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy & Practice at George Washington University, to be completed in fall of 2021.


Self-acceptance, identity exploration, and coming out can be hard.  It does not have to be lonely.  Let's work together.

Image by Jordan McDonald

How I Can Help Guide You

I help my clients with:

  • Exploration of Sexuality

  • Gender & Sexual Identity Issues

  • Transgender and Transition-related challenges

  • Anxiety and Depression

Owning who you are and knowing how to navigate the challenges that come along side, can give a sense of peace and confidence that you can use to tackle anything. 

Being a member of the queer community gives me insight into this and I want to help you to find that same confidence. I believe in the power of representation, and I am out to all of my clients (my partner and pups also get a shoutout in my bio!), as for me, my outness is part of my authenticity.  If you're not sure, or not ready--we don't have to go there.  Not everyone comes out, for many reasons...and that's ok. We will work together, helping you live the life you want--and can take it slowly, or go at your pace.  There is no one way to live life--especially within the LGBTQ+ family. 


If you are ready to explore, get some help, and have a someone in your corner, let's set up an appointment!