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Workshops & Trainings


Throughout the year I offer a variety of workshops, for helping professionals and interested individuals. 


Topics have previously included:

  • Body Peace & Body Peace Intensives

  • Body Peace in the Holiday Season

  • Supporting Loved ones with Eating Disorders

  • Health at Every Size during the Holiday Season

  • Eating Disorders and the LGBTQ+ Community


Throughout the year I offer Clinical Trainings, for helping professionals which often qualify for continuing education credits.  Topics for trainings vary, but below are a few selected presentations:

  • Diagnosing Eating Disorders: Considerations for Assessment within DSM 5 guidelines

  • Eating Disorders within the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Eating Disorders, the LGBTQ+ Community, and the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Same-Sex Female Relationships: Special Considerations for Eating Disorder Clinicans

  • The Necessity of Affirming Care and How We May be Missing the Mark

    • Eating Recovery Center Pride Summit June 17, 2022​ 12:30pm central

  • Navigating Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation & Ethics: Considerations for Helping Professionals​​

    • Friday July 29, 2022 9a-12p via Zoom​

    • 3h ethics available for TX clinicians

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings:

No upcoming events at the moment

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